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Project design

In two former projects it became obvious that the protection of older women with specific needs often is a major challenge for police, public prosecutors and/or courts http://www.ipvow.org/). In most countries, protection measures usually aim at setting up a safety area for endangered persons. Temporary or permanent, they are supposed to create distance between offender and victim protecting the victim from unwanted contact. Such protection orders imply that the person to be protected can live independently and make decisions autonomously, and that no other regulations impede a contemporary or continued distance.

The main goals of the project were to
  • identify the main problems in implementing the legal regulations in general
  • identify victim groups who do not benefit (sufficiently) from the regulations
  • identify the actual limitations and possibilities of the legal provisions and their implementation as regards specific needs groups
  • develop recommendations for the adaptation of already existing instruments as well as alternative solutions.
The implementation steps of SNaP were:
  • Analysing the legal regulations for protection from violence in close relationships and statistics on protection measures on the national level; explorative interviews with experts supplemented the findings
  • Conducting case analysis and interviews with practitioners in various fields (police, public prosecutor, courts, NGOs)
  • Compiling all findings to national reports, compiling an international report
  • Developing strategy papers together with experts for all countries for the improvement of victim protection measures for vulnerable female victims of domestic violence; developing an international policy paper; enhancing the awareness of policy makers, politicians and practitioners (website, international conference)

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